Hydroseeding in Connecticut


Hydroseeding in Connecticut

Originally developed to provide commercial lawn and vegetation establishment across large tracts of land or difficult terrain such as slopes, hydroseeding attracts residential property owners too. Ideal for erosion control and terrain that’s traditionally difficult to lay grass seed by traditional methods, hydroseeding is also a cost-effective alternative to sod. As leading Connecticut hydroseeding contractors, our landscaping company offers residential and commercial hydroseeding that replaces traditional methods of growing grass or other vegetation like wildflowers to create attractive and healthy landscapes. 

What Is Hydro Seeding / Hydroseeding?

Regardless of how you spell it, hydroseeding is a planting process that relies on a spreader to spray a mixture of grass seed (or other seed), water, fertilizer, a bonding agent, and other helpful chemicals designed to support a healthy topsoil and nurture seed growth. In short, the planting process looks as if the landscaper is spraying a lawn or landscape in place, and technically speaking, they are. The seeds, of course, take time to grow, but the bonding agent holds the entire slurry mixture of seed, fertilizer, etc…in place as the lawn seeds become established. 

What Are the Benefits of Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding offers many advantages for commercial and residential property owners who want to establish a lawn or other vegetation. These include:

Erosion Control

Property owners with terrain that involves slopes understand the need for effective erosion control. Wind and rain can wear down the soil, leaving the slope bare of vegetation in time and unattractive. Hydroseeding contractors can spray grass seed as a hydroseeding mixture to repopulate the slope with plants–usually a lawn or vegetation known to grow well on slopes. A CT hydroseeding contractor can provide this service if you want to control soil erosion.

Fast and Effective Lawn Production

Hydro seeding works. First, the planting process using hydroseeding and the most advanced machines for the job is extremely fast and efficient. However, keep in mind that while the planting process is quick using a spray application, achieving an optimally prepared ground may still take some time. Weeds, rocks, and other debris must be removed. Before hydroseeding, contractors can perform hydroseeding services. Once they can apply the mixture to the terrain in a uniform layer, it usually takes just a few weeks for plant growth to appear.

Competitive Pricing

In many cases, CT hydroseeding is a more affordable option than sod or convention dry seeding applications; however, this may depend on the size and accessibility of the terrain. Hydroseeding contractors may also charge additional fees for preparing the ground. Each job site is unique; however, generally, hydroseeding is the ideal option for large tracts of land such as fields and hard-to-access slopes.

Good Weed Control

The mixture that contains the grass seed, fertilizer, and other ‘ingredients’ also contains fiber mulch to help tamp down on weed growth. The addition of mulch to the mixture also provides helpful moisture retention for the grass seed and subsequent lawn. 

What Are Some Common Hydroseeding Applications?

While dry seeding or sodding to install a lawn is still a popular option for small commercial spaces and residential properties, hydro seeding may be the best option for various landscape situations, including:

  • A hard-to-access area of landscape like a slope (where planting dry seed manually would be extremely difficult)
  • Large slopes
  • Bare construction sites
  • Large front and backyards
  • Playing fields
  • Lawn areas around schools or commercial properties
  • Along highways and highway medians
  • Damaged landscape areas (i.e. landscapes damaged by fire)

What Types of Grass Seed Are Used with Hydroseeding?

Talk to your landscaping company or hydroseeding services provider about the ideal grass seed for your landscape. Some types of vegetation are ideal for preventing soil erosion. Naturally, you’ll want to plant hydro seed that’s ideal for the Connecticut climate as well as seed that will meet your landscape needs. If you’re looking for a sod alternative for your front lawn or a sturdy type of turf for a playing field (i.e. football or soccer field), your landscaping services company can help you select the ideal seed for your project. 

Hydroseeding FAQs

Is hydroseeding better than dry seeding?

Both hydroseeding and dry seeding have their place in modern landscaping services. Both applications can be effective, but one may be better than the other depending on the terrain and size of the landscaping job. 

Can I perform the hydroseeding process myself?

Hydroseeding requires specialized equipment and techniques not to mention the right hydroseeding mix for the lawn or landscape in question. Most people rely on professional hydroseeding services or landscaping companies that have the proper equipment for the job and offer these services. 

How much does hydroseeding cost?

The cost of hydro seed services depends on the job in question. This size of the lawn / landscape and soil / terrain preparation typically impacts the cost of the job. Contact your local CT hydroseeding company to request a hydroseeding estimate for your new lawn or other landscaping project.

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