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Did you know that your landscaping can support and add value to your Connecticut property? When choosing from landscaping companies in West Hartford, look for one that specializes in both business and residential landscaping and maintenance services. An experienced landscaping company can partner with you to design your landscape, focusing on how you intend to use your outdoor space. Plant installation, hardscape features, and other landscaping services will help you boost your property’s curb appeal and enhance the functionality and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. 

Landscaping Services for Connecticut Homes and Businesses

Landscaping companies in the West Hartford, Connecticut, area offer a wide range of landscaping services, including landscape design, installation, and maintenance solutions. Landscapes involve both hard (i.e., pavement) and soft (plants) features, so it makes sense to work with a service provider who offers both types of these landscaping features. Some landscape design companies in West Hartford offer lawn care, snow removal, and other maintenance services; some do not. Choose a professional landscaping company that offers a comprehensive range of solutions that include:

Lawn Installation 

With professional landscaping services, you can install the right type of lawn for your yard or commercial property. A healthy lawn begins with installing a grass type/type that will thrive in your conditions. Some lawns are ideal for high-traffic settings like backyards with kids and pets. Others are ideal because of their low-maintenance needs or resistance to weeds. A beautiful lawn forms the base of your beautiful outdoor space.

Lawn Care 

Ongoing lawn care is the key to maintaining a healthy lawn. Professional lawn care services include aeration and overseeding, fertilization, weed control, and pest control. Some landscape firms also offer lawn care services that include mowing.

Tree Installation and Care

Trees add vertical interest to your Connecticut property, but which trees are ideal for your setting? Many trees add value to properties. Your landscaping team will help you choose the best trees for your landscape project. Periodic tree care, like pruning and trimming, are also landscaping services you’re likely to need. 

Landscape Installation

A landscaping service provider can install flower beds, gardens, and borders that suit your needs and preferences. After preparing the property, the landscaping crew can install plantings of your choice. Customers can choose the plants they want to be installed or rely on the expertise of their landscape and lawn care company to choose the ideal plantings for their Connecticut property.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping features like flower beds need care similar to lawn care solutions. Soil may need amending, and garden beds may require seasonal care. Plants and shrubs will require trimming, pruning, and fertilizing. Customers can choose a company to perform both lawn care and landscaping maintenance services. 


Mulching helps soil retain its moisture and tamps down on the growth of weeds. However, mulching can be a big project depending on the size of the plant beds in your yard. A professional landscaping company can deliver the mulch of your choice and install it for you.

Hardscaping Features

Patios, walkways, and driveways are common hardscaping features. However, your landscaping project may call for installing boulders, garden paths, or other hardscaping features. A patio can add value to your property and enhance your enjoyment of it. Choose a landscaping service specializing in patio installation and the installation of walkways and driveways. 

Water Features

Interested in landscaping that includes a water feature like a garden pond or cascade? This type of landscaping project requires special know-how. Be sure to work with a landscaping team with experience with these projects. 

Snow Removal

Some landscaping companies offer additional property maintenance solutions for Connecticut residential and business customers, like professional snow removal. These service providers can quickly remove snow and ice from walkways, driveways, and parking lots.

Landscape Design

Professional landscape designers can bring your landscape vision to life. Suppose you need landscape design services for your front yard, backyard, or commercial property in West Hartford or nearby areas of Connecticut. In that case, you can ensure that must-have elements like softscape and hardscape features are included in your landscape design. Whether you’re interested in a low-maintenance landscape for your house or an aesthetically distinct landscape for your business, a landscaping company that focus on landscape design will work with you to create a lawn, gardens, walkways, and more.

The best part of working with a local West Hartford landscaping company is that they understand the Connecticut climate and know what trees, lawn types, and other plantings will thrive in our state as well as your specific setting, whether it’s sunny, shady, on a slope, or has unique property features (i.e., water feature). A professional landscape design company can manage all aspects of your landscaping project, ensuring the final product showcases your business’s or residential property’s beauty.

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