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Lawn Care & Fertilizer in North Haven, CT, and surrounding areas

With professional lawn care services in Connecticut, you can keep your residential or commercial property looking its best. Our company offers a full lineup of landscaping services, including lawn care solutions, that can be customized to suit each customers’ property needs. Customers in Hartford, CT, and surrounding areas rely on us to provide them with seasonal business and residential landscaping services like lawn care, plant installation, pruning, fall cleanups, snow removal, and more. Make your Connecticut lawn the envy of the block with our customizable lawn care service. 

Connecticut Lawn Care

Lawn maintenance is crucial for maintaining your residential or business property’s curb appeal, not to mention the health of your grass and other plantings. We offer a full range of professional lawn care services designed for our Connecticut customers. Whether you live in West Hartford or nearby communities, you can contact our company for a free estimate on our lawn care services such as lawn mowing, fertilizing, yard cleanups, and more. Compare quotes and discover why our company is the go-to West Hartford landscaping lawn care provider for the region. You can contract with our lawn maintenance team for lawn care services such as:

Aeration and Overseeding

Compact soil demands aeration. If your West Hartford, CT, lawn is struggling, let us provide aeration and overseeding service to promote a lush and healthy lawn. Aeration allows water and essential nutrients to deeply penetrate the soil where they can support existing and new grass. Early spring or early fall are the ideal times for aeration and overseeding in Connecticut. We also have the proper equipment and know how to perform this lawn maintenance solution without damaging your existing lawn.


Our landscape technicians can feed your West Hartford lawn the nutrients it needs for optimum growth. Depending on your lawn and its condition, we’ll typically apply fertilization once or twice in the spring and then as needed during the growing season. Too little fertilizer and your grass may struggle; too much fertilizer can burn it out. That’s why enlisting professional lawn maintenance services from our company can help you achieve a lawn and yard that brims with natural beauty.

Lawn Mowing

Residential and business customers rely on our company for affordable and dependable lawn mowing services in or near West Hartford, CT. We bring our expertly maintained equipment to your property or yard to complete each lawn mowing job efficiently. Our landscaping lawn care crews are expertly trained and will do an excellent job of maintaining your Connecticut lawn. 

Weed Control

Weed control is part of our lawn care services, but we can customize our solutions to suit your needs. For instance, some property owners want to avoid the use of chemical weed killers in their yard or on their lawn because they don’t want their children or pets to come into contact with them. Contact our Connecticut lawn care company about our organic and cultural weed killing solutions. Mechanical controls can also be used to achieve a weed-free lawn. Moreover, remember that a healthy, well-maintained lawn is its own best defense against pesky weeds.

Pest Control Services

If you have lawn pests like grubs, you need our affordable landscaping services. Our lawn maintenance can include pest control solutions when needed. If pests are plaguing your lawn, we can help. 

Lawn Diseases

Bare spots on your lawn? Is your lawn turning brown in patches? Lawn diseases demand fast attention or they can spread to healthy areas of your yard. Our lawn care services will help you protect your lawn from diseases. If your Connecticut lawn is suffering from a fungal disease, for instance, we can help with our trusted lawn care solutions.

Lawn Repair

If your Connecticut lawn has been damaged because of pests, a lawn disease, or heavy traffic from children or pets, our lawn care crews can repair your lawn to its former glory. We base our lawn care services on your lawn’s specific needs. If you need lawn repair for your yard or commercial property, you can rely on us for an amazing job.

Seasonal Connecticut Landscaping Services

If you’re a Connecticut home or business owner, you probably know just how much maintenance lawns and properties need all year long. That’s why we offer professional lawn care services, yard services, and landscaping services in every season. If you have a landscape design home project in mind or need seasonal plant installation for your West Hartford business, you can rely on our experienced landscaping pros. In addition to our routine lawn maintenance services like mowing, mulching, and edging, we also offer property maintenance and landscaping services such as:

Landscape Design

Let our landscape designers work with you to achieve a stunning landscape design for your residential property or business. Enhance your home’s yard or curb appeal with a custom landscape design. We can also provide landscape design services for your West Hartford business. We can install a low-maintenance landscape design that suits your company and its professional exterior appearance.

Plant Installation

Our landscaping crews provide plant installation services. If you need a tree, shrub, or even an entire garden bed planted, simply contact us for a quote and current prices. We will install your plants properly, taking care not to damage delicate stems and roots. The final product is a yard or bed that brims with professionally maintained beauty.


Pruning your Connecticut trees and shrubs is part of our landscaping and lawn maintenance services. Timely pruning is integral to the health of trees and shrubs. However, it’s important to prune with know-how. Our landscaping pros can provide professional pruning services that support the health of your trees and shrubs. 

Seasonal Yard Cleanups

In spring and fall, landscapes can appear to be in disarray with twigs and leaves seemingly everywhere. That’s why our landscaping services include spring and fall cleanups. We can deal with falling leaves or even downed branches and limbs. We can remove yard waste like autumn leaves and haul it away from your Connecticut property. 

Snow Removal

Snow removal in Connecticut is essential for any business operating in West Hartford. Our company offers ice and snow removal services for both commercial and residential property owners. We have the equipment and trained crews at the ready all winter long to contend with heavy Connecticut snows and freezing temperatures. Contact our Connecticut company for our affordable lawn care services and seasonal landscaping solutions. We’ll help you maintain your property so that it’s both safe and attractive. As a leading Connecticut lawn care service provider, we’re known for our fair pricing and outstanding work.

Anyone looking for a lush, healthy, green lawn is in need of fertilizer! At Pisani Landscaping, we pride ourselves on helping lawns look their best across North Haven, CT, and the surrounding areas including Cheshire, Hamden, Wallingford, and Northford. We’re a family-owned lawn care company that always strives to leave a lasting impression. Fully licensed and insured, our team is one you can trust for all your lawn care needs, including lawn fertilization.

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